Evergreen Taiji Academy is a community of students dedicated to the study and practice of Taiji and Qi Gong within the Daoist tradition.

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Tassajara Zen Mountain Center Retreat


Meditation in Motion:
Taiji Qigong, and Push Hands


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Taiji, Mixed Level
10:30am-11:30am, starting Feb 8th


Qigong, Mixed level 

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Evergreen Taiji Academy

Founded by Sally Chang, Evergreen Taiji Academy will guide you in the energizing practice of Taiji and Qigong with depth and presence. Come join us for a class. Awaken your intrinsic energy and resilience. Classes are designed for students of all levels from beginner to advanced. New students need to register first so we can find the best class for you. We are based in beautiful Marin County, California just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our weekly classes are held in San Rafael. Our workshops are across the US.

Evergreen Taiji Academy offers multi-dimensional training to generate structural and energetic integrity while in moving meditation. Our practice increases strength, balance, coordination, and replenishes vital energy known as Qi (chee). Great for personal healing and self-care. Body-workers, therapists and healers of all types find it tremendously helpful to integrate into their practices and for internal cultivation.

We believe in a whole health approach integrating martial arts, ancient Daoist internal cultivation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Find out more about our approach and chief instructor on our about Evergreen Taiji Academy page.


relax your body, restore your energy, clear your mind . . .

Cloud Hands (Yun Shou) is classic Taiji using smooth circular movements to transfer energy. Sally Chang demonstrates in the beautiful setting of a recent workshop in Homer, Alaska.

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