Private Lessons

Private Lessons in Qigong and Taiji are an excellent way to customize training to your specific needs. Great for beginners to bridge to group classes or as an addition to your ongoing class to enhance your learning. Private Lessons provide individual attention right from the start and to deepen your established practice with detail and expertise.

Sally Chang is an experienced martial arts instructor and founder of Evergreen Taiji Academy, as well as a Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Each Private lesson is for 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. If you have questions regarding which class is best for you, please contact:

To purchase Private Lessons please visit the Store. Call or email to schedule your appointment.

Private Lessons in Qigong and Taiji

Whether you are brand new to Taiji and Qigong or perhaps learned a form a while back and are looking for something new, private lessons are a great way for you to receive one-on-one instruction, at your pace. Develop a relationship with your instructor and learn basic movements and principles to build confidence before joining group classes.

Or perhaps you’ve been practicing in the group classes for a while now and feel like you’ve hit a plateau or keep spinning your wheels on a body movement, internal qi dynamics or part of the form. Give yourself the time to ask specific questions, received focused instruction and deepen your understanding. $110

Semi-Private Lesson
Bring a friend, add $35

Series of 6
For beginner students who would like a series of individual instruction, and for established students who wish to deepen and customize their practice. $600

Semi-Private Series of 6
Same as above but for two people. $400 each

Taiji for Injury Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation from acute and chronic physical injuries, and/or surgical recovery with personalized instruction. Intended for safe and well-paced return to your regular activities and to group classes using the principles of Taiji. Sally draws from her medical expertise to help you return to health and vitality. $190

Therapeutic Qigong

Sally uses her skills that derive from a depth of practice in Qigong, Daoist healing arts and classical Chinese medicine, to help you engage your innate healing systems by re-connecting your intrinsic circuitry. Move through stuck patterns and life challenges. Live fully, strive less, illuminate your life from within.

First session including consult, 90 minutes.  $285
Follow up sessions, 60 minutes   $225

“I have studied martial arts for 5 years with other teachers, and I have had the good luck to be studying Tai Chi with Sally in private lessons for around 6 months. She is a great teacher, mindful, brings attention to details, and she helps with deep understanding of forms beyond just movements, but also martial art application of each movement.

Sally is unique in her deep knowledge of Wudang Tai Chi. As a result of practicing with her, I am more centered, handle stress better and have increased quality of movement and energy.”

Petr M.
San Francisco, CA